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Hand-crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles are puzzles that are cut by hand from high quality plywood or other speciality woods, using a scroll saw. Each piece of the puzzle is thoughtfully scrolled by the jigsaw puzzle cutter in a way that relates each cut piece of the puzzle, with significance and a definite purpose to the puzzle picture. The puzzle cutter will cunningly disguise the piece’s location in the puzzle, engaging in a good natured, but seriously intense contest with the puzzler. This is a contest that is always won by the puzzler when the puzzle is assembled at last. With each piece cut, puzzle cutters endeavor to create an interesting and pleasing shape in the cut piece itself and an overall intricate web of the finest possible kerf lines over the full surface of the assembled puzzle. These cut lines that are produced are the personal calligraphy of the individual cutter's cutting style.

Puzzles hand-crafted from wood in this way are intended to make a personal connection between the puzzle cutter and the puzzler. A more personal connection than could ever be possible with regular cardboard puzzles cut with a die, in a grid pattern. This is why hand-crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles make gifts and presentations of great personal significance, especially when the gift requires something close to a true labour of love.

Hand-crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles are offered on a number of sites on the web and most of these sitesw offer custom cut puzzles from pictures that you supply or choose from their stock of images available.

At Whimsical Wood I am limiting my puzzle cutting to my own artwork exclusively. I do not offer the range of cutting styles that are available from other puzzle cutters, but you may easily decide if you like my particular cutting style from what you see in the puzzle galleries.

Like others many of my puzzles are cut from archival quality photo prints bonded to a high quality ply wood base. My more unique contribution to the art of hand-crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles however is the cutting of puzzles from original, wood art works including low relief carvings, pyrography and other suitable works on wood.

Please browse through the Puzzle Galleries Puzzles cut from photo prints can be repeated if not presently available, but the cutting itself will be totally unique and no two puzzles will be exactly the same. With original works on wood something similar can be produced in most cases but both the cutting and the original work will be unique.

Signature wooden jigsaw puzzle piece in the shape of a regrowing tree stump

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