Preliminary Sketch for'A fine Sounding Argument' – Automata Wood Sculpture

Though the working gear train and other mechanical parts which will impart the movement to this automata, are not yet shown here, they will nevertheless, be an important part of the visual effect of the automata as a whole.

The parts shown in this sketch will be mostly carved timber parts, some metal parts and various hardware items such as screws, bolts, washers etc. As with the mechanical pats of the sculpture, the hardware to be used is intended to be as much for the visual effect, as for practical purposes.

More for the effect than for practical reasons, in actual fact

This is in accordance with what Rowland Emett stated to be the first principle of science...

"The first principle in science is to invent something nice to look at and then decide what it can do." -- Rowland Emett

Roland Emett's Work has left a considerable legacy for automata artists.