First welsh Lovespoon Detail 1
First welsh Lovespoon
First welsh Lovespoon detail 2

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My first Welsh Love spoon

was carved from walnut, featured a small pierced relief scene, three chain links, a ball in cage and two smaller side-hanging spoons.

The thick-walled un-refined bowl of the spoon was a result of not giving due thought to this important sculptural, not to mention identity giving component of a spoon. The quirky little sliding compartment 'a-la bandsawn box' was simply, not a good idea.

The appeal of a lovespoon however is, as it always has been, in the case of the hand-crafted spoon, that the work can be seen to have been carried out with great care and respect for the craft and with all the skill, sensitivity and discernment available to the carver at the time. This quality, I believe cannot be hidden in a carefully hand-crafted lovespoon, almost regardless of ability and cannot be faked in the mass produced variety.

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