Wooden Jigsaw puzzle piece
Wooden Jigsaw puzzle piece 5
Wooden Jigsaw puzzle piece 3
Jigsaw Puzzle Signature piece a re-growing tree stump
White rectangle with blue grey bevelled border and inside shadow behind text

At Whimsical Wood you will find an eclectic, whimsical and somewhat untidy collection, of my art work, craft work, (mostly wood craft) and illustration.

This work has mostly been educational and children’s picture book illustration. For this reason the Graphics Gallery is placed at the top right of the site menu to provide easy navigation for whoever may wish to use my illustration services and view the graphic work portfolio more quickly.

The rest of this site is as tidy and logical as a magpie’s nest or an old wares store. As have magpies and old wares vendors I have done as best I can, but alas, only according to my nature.

Whimsical Wood is a site made for browsing, for picking up and putting back down, a place to get ideas and inspiration, to be helped in your own creative work and to find things of interest. It is a site (I hope) in which you can learn useful techniques and processes or perhaps improve or correct my methods of work. My blog documents my ongoing projects in a step by step fashion where my techniques processes and work space are shown on a more regular basis.

This is intended as a site where whatever things of interest you may find, can be placed, like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, in proper relationship to the bigger picture of more important things.

So whether you are visiting out of curiosity, visiting due to a specific interest, visiting for information or for inspiration. Should you be visiting to buy or to find stuff for free. Whether you agree or disagree. Let’s share ideas and reason together. You are most welcome, I hope you enjoy the visit.

David Stanley

Whimsical Wood Welcome Sign weathered plank

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close cropped photo of David Stanley
framed panel blackwood timber

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